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Juvederm Voluma™ XC

This recently FDA approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler is making a significant impact in the approach of facial augmentation. Voluma™ XC has a unique VYCROSS™ technology consisting of highly cross-linked HA which allows for more durability. Additionally, the VYCROSS™ technology lends to a long lasting lift to the area(s) treated with treatment duration up to 2 years in some patients. The consistency of this HA gel allows for an easy flow on injection and provides for a soft, natural look. For those patients who are noticing volume loss in the cheek area, Voluma XC is the go-to product that can be injected by a trained professional in only a few minutes. The product has lidocaine infused throughout the gel which provides for a more comfortable experience. The treatment session lasts 45 minutes to one hour.

Recent studies report that Voluma XC can provide a subtle lift, provide a more youthful contour to the face and can last up to 2 years. Study patients report looking up to 5 years younger. This non-surgical procedure can be utilized for a natural appearing enhancement to help you look your best every day!

Voluma St Louis Medispa

Our patients are providing positive feedback on their results from Voluma XC ~ some are already returning for more application to give a more enhanced look!
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Most commonly reported side effects:
• Tenderness
• Swelling
• Firmness
• Lumps/bumps
• Bruising
• Pain
• Redness
• Discoloration
• Itching
• Rarely, vision abnormalities have been reported after treatment with Voluma XC

Avoid Voluma XC if you:

• Are pregnant or breastfeeding
• Have a history of severe reactions (anaphylaxis)
• Are allergic to Lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins
• Have a history of thick, hard scars or excessive scarring

Pre-Procedure Considerations:

Please do not take aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, or blood thinners for at least 7-10 days before any injection procedure. Please consult with your primary physician prior to discontinuing any medically prescribed medications.
Please avoid the following for 7-10 days before your appointment:
• Aspirin
• Ibuprofen/Advil/Motrin
• Aleve/Naproxen
• Omega-3/ Fish Oil
• Excedrin Products
• Other: Ginseng/ Ginko Biloba/ Vitamin E/ Cinnamon/ Alcohol Ingestion
Note: Patients may consider taking Arnica Montana 3 days prior to treatment. Arnica Montana can be purchased at most health food stores.
Important: Please notify us if you take any medications that cause you to bleed or bruise easily. Consult with your primary physician prior to discontinuing any medically prescribed medication.

After Your Voluma Injections:

• Avoid sun or extreme heat for 24 hours
• You may use an ice pack to reduce bruising and swelling
• Avoid lying on the treatment area for several days
• Make-up can be applied 6 hours after injection

Voluma XC provides for a more instantaneous result but some changes may be noted over 2-4 weeks. Generally, a patient can have additional Voluma XC injected at 4 weeks to provide for a more enhanced appearance to the facial contour, as desired. Voluma XC can last up to 2 years in some patients. To maintain desired results, patients should plan for additional treatment as needed. Voluma XC can assist in providing a lift to the skin and mid-face for a more youthful contour and appearance.